Customer testimonials

”We appreciated your team of installer technicians for their punctuality, thorough organisation, efficiency and energy.”

Pascale RENAUD (14)

”This letter is to congratulate you on the quality of the enclosure that your technicians installed for us. We are taking great pleasure in using it to the full with family and friends and it’s already proving to be an essential addition. With Abrisud, we swim happily...”

André BERLUDEAU (33)

”Congratulations on the work you have done, the quality of service, politeness and expertise of your teams. We’re enjoying our enclosure to the full and are very appreciative of all the benefits it offers.”

Francis BEAURAIN (02)

”We have received the parts to repair the lock on the pool enclosure. Thank you for your rapid response. Another plus point for ABRISUD!”

Jacques BRANQUART (13)

”It’s 10 November and with our enclosure we’ve got peace of mind until Spring. We recommend this enclosure to all our friends as it’s technically superior to anything else I’ve looked at on the market.”

François FAURE (76)