The Ten-Year Guarantee for standing-height pool enclosures

You’re doubly covered with the Abrisud Ten-Year Guarantee!

The Act of 4 January 1978 is intended to insure structures and buildings for 10 years after they have been accepted (and applies to all successive owners of the structure). The Act requires builders to insure themselves. At present, this obligation does not fall on manufacturers of standing-height enclosures. On the strength of the design and manufacturing quality of its standing-height enclosures, Abrisud has moved a step ahead and deliberately chosen to take out this guarantee for its customers. The aim is to protect the consumer in the purchase and durability of his property, in this case his enclosure, for “a major purchase that represents an asset”. It’s a very costly system for the builder but provides excellent protection for the customer, as his act of purchase is made much safer.

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