Residential range

The mid-high pool enclosure

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An enclosure easy to configure and made to measure, the enclosure is made up of different sliding doors and windows positioned as you choose in accordance with the layout of the location. At the end of the enclosure, the facade is available in a swinging or folding (concertina) version or with a rotunda. Its maximum height of 1.80m allows it to overcome any regulatory constraints!
A concept available in curved or angular shape to fit every style and meet all tastes.



Device installed outside the enclosure allowing the air inside a covered pool to be warmed, regulated and renewed. Automatic regulation with thermostat.

Concertina door

Foldable concertina doors: the notched surface of its uprights adjusts so that the casements are always sealed together.

Controlled motorisation

Motors controlled by electronic brain. Specific information about the range is stored in the electronic control unit. The exact path is configured just once.

Sliding doors for arched enclosures

Sliding doors (single, double or triple) at the front or back of the enclosure.

Standard motorisation using remote control

Compact motor blocks.

Wide selection of colours for the aluminium

Wide selection of colours for the aluminium


Comfort & discretion
No administrative formalities
Easy handling

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