Specific stages for standing-height residential enclosure projects

Abrisud will accompany you through every stage of your standing-height pool enclosure project

Your expectations, your wishes, your project

In an appointment in one of our branches or in your home, with the help of an Abrisud technician you will be able to work out which standing-height pool enclosure would best suit your environment (house and pool), your habits and your lifestyle, free of charge. Our technicians are at your service for a customised study.

Abrisud can discuss various payment plans with you to help you fund your low enclosure project easily, at special rates.


Planning permission and building regulations

The town planning regulations set out the conditions for installing pool enclosures according to their characteristics:
For pool enclosures below a height of 1.8m no documents are necessary.
For enclosures above a height of 1.8m a simple preliminary declaration must be delivered to the town hall and the DDE (county planning and highways department).
Local government has one month in which to reject a proposal and must provide reasons for this rejection. Further information on the website http://www.cdu.urbanisme.equipement.gouv.fr/ 


An exclusive mock-up of your standing-height pool enclosure project

A personalised design is drawn up on the basis of the data recorded by our technician, using our exclusive Abrisoft® software. A precise proposal is produced for you, including all the necessary figures and detailed drawings. These drawings clearly indicate the space you will have at your disposal under and around the enclosure according to your chosen configuration and the position of the various openings. You then have all the details you need to think it over and make an informed decision!

The standing-height pool enclosure technical document

A few days after your order you will receive a complete technical document containing all the features of your standing-height pool enclosure (size, options, etc.). If your pool is not yet completed, the document will detail exactly what needs to be done so that the pool and the enclosure coordinate perfectly (the required size of the concrete slabs, the position of the pool, etc…).

Sit back and picture your standing-height pool enclosure

Once you have made your decision, if your enclosure requires planning permission the necessary administrative formalities should be made easier by the technical document provided by Abrisud. If you wish, Abrisud can complete these formalities for you.

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