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Removable pool enclosure

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Its casters ensure the elements slide easily to their stacking location. On the ground, a unique system enables the modules to be guided, aligned and held in place (anti-lift) and the enclosure to be fixed: it prevents each module having to be unscrewed by hand. Useful time saving, without any compromise on safety! Its invisible handles, integrated into the panel means the module can be gripped from anywhere.

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Access hatch

The hatch provides access to the pool using a ladder or stairs. It is fitted with a locking system that is compliant with safety standards. Fits the removable and sliding systems in the cellular version.


Exclusive Abrisud cpanel for matchless crystal clear transparency and improved light diffusion. This polycarbonate lining only measures 1.5mm thick and is highly resistant. Available on removable, semi-sliding and motorised low enclosures. 

Easy Screw

Time-saving accessory for screwing and unscrewing the enclosure's wheels instantly and effortlessly.

Lifting Support

This support is used to raise and lower the units at the simple touch of a button. Fits the removable and sliding systems in the cellular version. 

Pair of Supports

Thanks to the hydraulic cylinder system, opening and closing the units is just as easy as opening the boot of your car! Fits the removable and sliding systems in the cellular version.

Removable gable

For direct access to the swimming pool, without having to open the units. It also makes it easier to access the technical elements of the swimming pool (skimmers, filters).

The condensation guide

It captures and channels condensation water into the pool before it falls onto the edges of your pool. This device prevents evaporation losses and preserves the perimeter of your pool. 


Raisable and stackable modules
Gable and hatch access
A cost-effective tailor-made solution
Automatic fixing

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