Since 2003 the law has required swimming pool enclosures to be closed off when they are not in use.

A great initiative in terms of safety around the pool, but which requires daily screwing and unscrewing of the enclosure's fixing wheels. A task that could quickly become annoying because it involves bending down to each of the wheels and repeating a wrist rotation movement.
This is why Abrisud and the team of designers at Outsign created this ergonomic screw which makes this action easier; the Easy Screw.
A new creation which hasn't escaped the notice of the Observer of Design jury, made up most notably of designers, companies, INPI and OSEO, who awarded this Label to Easy Screw for the following criteria:
  • Design: simple and ergonomic aesthetics...Easy Screw is easy to hold, with a large handle for the screwing and unscrewing actions.
  • Comfort for the user: pool enclosures have an average of 24 fixing wheels, which need to be screwed and unscrewed in order to open and close the enclosure properly.
The person doing this therefore undertakes this task using two functions:
  • a trigger for the screwing
  • a front/back function for screwing or unscrewing.

This time-saving tools therefore instantly and effortlessly screws and unscrews. Mobile and wireless, Easy Screw has a mains rechargeable battery.

So Abrisud's continuous research into tools for making swimming pool owners' everyday life easier have been rewarded again.
This is in fact the 3rd consecutive year that an Abrisud product has been awarded a label.  The 2012 edition awarded prizes to the Poolside enclosure and the Tech-style enclosure, the only enclosure made from fabric, was the subject of much enthusiasm from the judging panel in 2011.
The Observer of Design showcases the best international design creations at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris until March 23 2013.