New generation telescopic swimming pool enclosure

A completely new enclosure and a hotbed of technological features: no fewer than 7 patents make up this new generation telescopic pool enclosure

Its invisible solar motorisation is integrated inside aluminium panels.

This smart enclosure automatically activates its ventilation when the temperature exceeds a preset level, thanks to thermal sensors.



ABRISUD's "biomorph" telescopic enclosure has two essential functionalities, including:

  • the inverted telescopic action: To cover up the pool, the elements move forward from the largest to the smallest module. The elements arrive at their final position very quickly and then become a reference point from which the following ones are guided;
  • invisible solar motorisation (integrated into the structure of the enclosure, inside aluminium panels);
  • bright illumination, with LED lighting, to highlight the pool and its enclosure once night falls and to create a warm ambience in the garden.
  • automatic ventilation: thermal sensors are integrated into the structure in order to control and cool the water and air temperature. When the temperature within the enclosure exceeds a certain threshold (selected by the user using a remote control) a hatch opens automatically to provide a current of air;
  • a raisable pediment: using a jack-operated system, the pediment is easily raised for quicker access to the pool when the enclosure is closed;
  • magnet-operated integrated, automatic fixing hooks.
And still no ground runner: Once the enclosure is open, the pool is completely clear.