Exclusive patented enclosures

Exclusive patented¹ Low Enclosures
abris semi-coulissant

The semi-retractable pool enclosure

The only multi-function enclosure on the market!
Its modules can be lifted, stacked and retracted with no effort.


motorisation abrisud


You can now cover and uncover your pool without effort.
Thanks to a remote control or key positioned on the motor, the modules stack automatically on top of each other. This innovation saves space and makes the enclosure easier to use.
(Exclusive patented system for flat and low enclosures).


abrisud finition cristal

The “cristal” finish®

An exclusive Abrisud covering that provides total transparency and improved light diffusion.
This polycarbonate covering is only 1.5 mm thick, but is extremely resistant.
The Cristal® enclosure also has a special structure: the polycarbonate sheet is made taut by stretchers in the enclosure’s crosspieces.
(Available on low removable, semi-retractable and motorised enclosures).


fixation rapide abrisud

Rapid fixing system

Two years of research and fine tuning by Abrisud’s Research & Development Centre have led to a response to a real demand from consumers. The enclosure is fixed to the ground in seconds: no more thumbwheels to tighten!
(Adapted to all products on the market).
¹ The Patents are registered in France and are undergoing a PCT procedure in Europe
Exclusive patented¹ Standing-height Enclosures
porte accordéon

The concertina door

The concertina door makes opening easier: it folds back in record time.
The notched surfaceof the uprights adjusts to keep the panels together.
The safety advantage: the aluminium hinge system does not have any sharp edges.


toiture abri abrisud

The roof is firmly held in place

The exclusive ridge section provides a perfect join between the two roof panels with no risk of bending or dislodging.
No more disturbances from the rattling wind or blowing away in violent storms!


equerres abrisud

Aluminum fixing

Fixing systems placed along the length of the sections are subjected to heavy stresses and risk tearing the aluminium.
Our patented reinforced aluminium cleats are fixed in a perpendicular position and prevent any movement and rotation. The safety advantage: our fixing systems are totally detachable to avoid the risk of injury when the enclosure is open.


profils d'angles abrisud

Angle profiles with integrated drainage

Angle profiles with integrated drainage have been specially designed to drain rainwater, thus avoiding it entering the enclosure.
Air circulates better between the polycarbonate layers, thus avoiding any water stagnation.
No more excessive moisture: no more mould or mildew to tarnish your enclosure.


rail abrisud

Movement easier

The unique guidance system means that you can operate your enclosure on your own*. As well as the rollers on the ground, there are guide-wheels to correct the direction and make movement easier without the risk of jamming.


¹ The Patents are registered in France and are undergoing a PCT procedure in Europe