All Abrisud pool enclosures comply with NF Standard P 90-309

A design office at your service

Each enclosure is tailor-made to fit in with the constraints of each pool. For residential standing height enclosures, we will provide you with a precise, costed project along with detailed plans that model the pool and its surroundings in two dimensions. The walking space around the pool inside the enclosure is shown and measured.

Routine tests on residential standing-height pool enclosures

The design of each enclosure is subjected to special snow and wind resistance tests. The stresses exerted by the volume of snow accumulated on the roof or by violent gusts of wind are computer- calculated.
Enclosure structure components (internal sections and angle brackets) vary according to the size of the enclosure to provide weather resistance above the standards set by law in all cases.


Reliable, tried and tested materials

  • Packing materials (uprights, sides and roof): 1.5 mm to 4 mm solid polycarbonate or polymetacrylate, UV treated on both sides. 8 to 16 mm cellular polycarbonate, UV treated on both sides. Oatmeal finish possible for the 4mm solid polymetacrylate.
  • Glass option possible (6 mm laminated glass).
  • Aluminium structure: Qualicoat and Quali Marine label heat-enamelling.
  • Hardware: stainless steel.
  • Guide-wheels: nylon
  • Internal angle brackets: heat-treated aluminium (double the mechanical resistance!)
To comply with the tests carried out, the enclosure must be closed and lock when not in use.

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