The Abrisud “Make life easier with your enclosure!” Guarantee and Maintenance Pack

Free telephone support*

A phone line dedicated to Guarantee and Maintenance Pack customers. Unlimited access to our After-Sales Service staff, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
An Abrisud team at your service.
Our staff are in close contact with our manufacturing workshops and will help you solve any problems with your enclosure.
Rapid response to your questions:
  • Non-contractual document. For all contractual obligations, please refer to the general conditions of sale and Abrisud contract signed by the parties.
  • Advice on using your enclosure and on day-to-day maintenance
  • Pre-assessment, evaluation of the works: an advisor arranges for the After-Sales Service teams to visit.
  • Every job is monitored: repairs and annual visit.
  • Excluding telecommunication costs

Guarantee extension for your pool enclosure

Abrisud agrees to extend the basic one-year guarantee by a further 2 years. You have a three-year assurance that we will take care of any operating problems caused by a material, manufacturing or design fault. Abrisud agrees to repair your enclosure free of charge for 3 years: Abrisud will cover all costs [parts, labour and travel expenses].

Annual pool enclosure maintenance

Every year for 5 years, Abrisud will come to your home for a free maintenance visit. This visit means that you have care-free use of your enclosure, with no unpleasnat surprises when spring comes and you feel the urge to swim!
The annual visit involves a meticulous examination of your enclosure, thus ensuring that you can use it in complete safety.