ABRISUD After-Sales Service, for greater peace of mind with your pool enclosure

Abrisud’s Afer-Sales Service

A team of 10 people is at your service, at our head office and in the field:

Two people to take your phone call, assess the problem and provide a rapid response to your request. This After-Sales Service office will arrange for a technician to visit your home or will send you replacement parts as required. Eight After-Sales Service technicians spread across the regions will intervene, if necessary, on behalf of over 30,000 customers who own Abrisud enclosures in Europe.

From a simple demonstration if you find it difficult to handle the enclosure to repairs to the product following an incident, these technicians provide a rapid, local service. The installation technicians have a mobile workshop that allows them to cover a wide range of tasks.

To improve efficiency even further, the whole team is in permanent telephone and data contact with our design office and workshops.

These special relationships that have been formed through our readiness to consider the needs expressed by customers and our on-site staff (measurers, installers, After-Sales Service technician) have helped us to improve the quality of our products for over 12 years (our line of maintenance products, the guarantee extension, the flat enclosure, the rapid fixing system, etc.).

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