5 essential guarantees

Abrisud guarantees: Pool enclosure standards and safety

Maximum safety

All our pool enclosures are safety systems that comply with the safety standards required by law (Act no. 2003-09 of 3 January 2003). With an Abrisud, you don’t need any other safety system. However, nothing replaces the vigilance of adults around the poolside.

Resistance to bad weather

Our entire range of enclosures complies with NF Standard P 90-309. To achieve this, evaluation tests have been successfully carried out in strong winds and heavy snow!
Our enclosures have been subjected to winds of up to 67 mph blowing in different directions for 2 days. They can withstand up to 45 kg/m2 of snow. To comply with the tests that are carried out, the enclosure has to be locked outside usage periods.

Made in France

Founded in 1996 by the Chapus family, this small French company has managed to turn the pool enclosure into a technically sophisticated product that everyone can afford. The company has grown considerably since then and there are now over 200 people working for Abrisud. Abrisud manufactures in France and intalls nearly 500 enclosures a year!
Abrisud is now developing outside France and is currently present in 11 European countries.

Control over the production chain

The various components that make up our customers’ pool enclosures are bent, machined, cut and drilled in huge workshops in our 3 factories spread between Northern and Southern France. Despite industrialisation and technical sophistication, human expertise still has its place. Our technicians’ precision, eye and know-how are still essential.


Our enclosures are delivered to our customers’ premises and installed by our installation technicians. These teams are prepared for the work of installing and assembling our pool enclosures in our internal training school. Every week, 35 mobile workshops leave our factories to equip our customers in France and all over Europe.
  • 95% of our customers say they are satisfied with their choice of Abrisud.
  • 94% Will be recommending Abrisud to their friends and family*.

*survey carried out by ESC Toulouse on a panel of 500 customers (February 2006).