A word from the Directors

The length of time for which you can enjoy your pool depends on how your pool is equipped! An Abrisud pool enclosure gives you real added value in terms of swimming time and safety, water consumption and big savings on the consumption of pool maintenance products.

In this website you’ll find the new “Tech Style” pool enclosures, the SPA pool enclosure, new accessories (lifting struts) and a new line of cleaning products to help you clean your pool enclosure easily and effectively.

  • The range of flat pool enclosures:
    The flat removable pool enclosure: This enclosure is set to become the ideal solution for pool owners looking for simple, effective, attractive protection.
    The product offers all the advantages of the low pool enclosure: safety, protection and warm, clean water… and they’re unobtrusive!
    The flat motorised pool enclosure: A brand-new concept designed by Abrisud! Gold Trophy 2008. 

  • The Ten-Year Guarantee on all standing-height pool enclosures!

    Because there’s no doubt about the reliability of our residential standing-height pool enclosures, we ‘ve chosen to take out the same insurance as builders for the properties they build!
  • See the new line of cleaning products to help you clean your pool enclosure easily and effectively:
The first range of cleaning products for pool enclosures: to keep your pool enclosure looking like new!
  •  Why choose an Abrisud pool enclosure?

Like all the safety systems approved by Act no. 2003-09 of 3 January 2003 ; - immersion detectors with an alarm, perimetric alarms, sliding covers or protective covers, and of course pool enclosures, our products guarantee you safety and peace of mind. A pool enclosure protects your friends and family at all times, protects your pool against a variety of pollution factors, AND heats the water you swim in. Forget the drudgery of collecting dead leaves in the net and enjoy water 6 to 8 degrees warmer with Abrisud pool enclosures !


In short, a pool enclosure guarantees you clean, warm water, provides protection for your pool and greater safety for your friends and family, especially young children and pets. And all this with even greater ease and comfort thanks to the exclusive innovations developed by Abrisud: remote control and solar panel for motorised enclosures, electric or jack-operated struts, the rapid fixing system (Gold Trophy 2008) and many others to be discovered shortly...;

    All of Abrisud’s employees work day after day to help you get the best out of your pool, with less maintenance and more relaxation, pleasure and, of course, safety. I’m sure that our pool enclosures will give you all the benefits that I invite you to discover in greater detail on this website.