The rotunda curved standing height pool enclosure

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Thanks to its stainless steel central axis, each element is mobile and independent of each other. Access to the pool can be through the module of your choice. In an open position, the modules are stored inside the enclosure so that the facade is completely uncluttered and it is easy to move garden furniture around because there is no rail on the floor runner.

Designer view


Concertina door

Foldable facade (concertina): the notched surface of its uprights adjusts so that the casements are always sealed together.

High transparency

The transparent polycarbonate section is extended by one metre to reduce the cellular polycarbonate section of the roof: enabling the light beneath the enclosure to be increased.

Mosquito net

Allows ventilation within the enclosure without letting insects attracted by the damp heat to get in.

Motorisation for angular enclosures

Standard motorisation or supplied to operate with a rechargeable remote control - compact or invisible motor units, integrated into aluminium panels.

Side plates

Mechanically-assisted or motorised multi-position raisable wall panels

Sliding doors for arched enclosures

Sliding doors (single, double or triple) at the back or on the facade of the enclosure.

Wide selection of colours for the aluminium

Wide selection of colours for the aluminium

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