Pool enclosures, the experience of a leader

A pool enclosure is the ideal LONG-TERM solution for covering, protecting, heating and maintaining your pool in all seasons.

An Abrisud pool enclosure is:

  • Greater Comfort : cleaner water with no effort or care, a pool that’s easier to live with!
  • Greater Protection : against outside annoyances and harsh winters!
  • Greater Pleasure : Your pool is always ready for swimming in whatever the season!
  • Greater Safety : The safest way to secure your pool (a standardised safety system)!

You can enjoy your pool all year round without having to worry about the weather, it’s the safest way to secure your pool when the enclosure is shut* (vigilance around the poolside), see temperatures go up of approximately 8° depending on the type of heating and the season, significant savings on water and treatment products linked to evaporation, it’s also less maintenance (algae, clogged filters, dirt from outside, loss of pH balance in the water, etc., ...). Above all, it’s a long-term investment that adds lasting value to your pool, home and garden.

With Abrisud Pool enclosures, your pool is aways ready for swimming!
For Greater Comfort, Greater Protection, Greater pleasure and Greater safety!

Your pool enclosure by Europe’s leading enclosure manufacturer!

Abrisud is the pool enclosure manufacturer that offers the best compromise: quality, installation and price.

There’s a pool enclosure project and customised estimate for every customer.
Whether you’re looking for a standing-height, low, removable or telescopic enclosure, Abrisud has controlled pool enclosure design, manufacture, installation and maintenance for the last twelve years. The whole organisation is geared towards customer satisfaction and our pool enclosure know-how.